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Cellular Renovation Treatments
Fequently Asked Questions

Find the answers to your Frequently Asked Questions about our regenerative cellular treatments, such as where to buy and finding a doctor in your area. Read FAQs.

Biocell Ultravital participates in several world anti-ageing congresses each year such as those sponsored by the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine. Upcoming congress dates.

Biopharma International is the exclusive authorized world-wide distributor for Biocell Ultravital. To reach them and find a distributor in your area please click here.

Biocell Ultravital carries a line of Anti-Ageing products for the exclusive use of Health Professionals and Doctors. As a medical professional you may register for access.


Who We Are

Biocell Ultravital™ researches and develops innovative, 100% natural, pharmaceutical-grade bioproducts, on an exclusive basis worldwide. These products optimise cell nutrition and energy, producing a preventative and curative action which, in addition to treating pre-symptoms and symptoms by means of cell renewal, refuels and corrects the cell structure of tissues and organs, preventing the appearance of the functional stress loads which give rise to poor cell formation, degenerative diseases, and their after-effects. 

Live Longer with Better Health.


Product developed under pharmaceutical control according to European CE standards.? Made in the EC Biocell Laboratory France, authorized the souls Biocell Ultravital license GmbH, Switzerland.


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